“30 GB per month”. 260 pupils from Taraclia received Internet traffic for the entire school year

In Taraclia, 260 children from socially vulnerable families and with many children, received 30 GB traffic internet every month valid for the entire school year, 2021-2022. This donation takes place in the context of the partnership between Moldcell Foundation and the Taraclia Education Directorate.

On August 11, Moldcell Foundation signed an agreement with the Education, Culture and Tourism Directorate of the Taraclia Council. The partnership includes the donation of 260 SIM cards with 30 GB internet traffic included for the entire school year, to all pupils from socially vulnerable families and with many children from Taraclia.

“Such a volume of internet traffic, included in the tariff plan of each pupil, allows them to be present online at lessons, but also to obtain the necessary information for their homework,” has mentioned the director of Education, Culture and Tourism Directorate of the Taraclia Council, Lilia Sarsaman.

The lack of the access to computers and internet connection, appeared in the pandemic period, caused by COVID – 19, when children switched to remote learning.

“Last autumn, Moldcell signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UN Moldova, to promote the Sustainable Development Goals.

Quality education is one of the SDGs and for us it is essential that every district in the country has access to quality education.

In the context of the epidemiological situation in the country, quality education can’t take place without internet access. So, when we find out that someone lack this access, we do our best to make it happen. The internet opens doors, and children, with the help of information obtained online, get endless possibilities.

Another SDG goal is Gender Equality. Because of this, we have decided to support children from socially vulnerable families”, underlined the director of the Moldcell Foundation, Irina Strajescu.

The president of Taraclia district, Ivan Paslari, wished the children: “to take full advantage of the internet, filter the information obtained, in such a way as to increase their level of education and always stay connected with their relatives established abroad”.