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Moldcell Foundation was established in 2020 and is a non-profit, non-governmental, apolitical organization, without membership in any organizational group, with resources for independent projects or in collaboration with other charities or NGOs, oriented towards non-commercial activities.


The launch of the Moldcell Foundation was inspired by the activity and results of the Chaudhary Foundation as well as by the philanthropic initiatives and socially responsible projects of the Moldcell company.

Moldcell Foundation aims to:


  Contributes to the creation of the qualitative infrastructure needed to provide high-level training for ICT specialists, as well as to support the research potential of educational institutions;


  It contributes to increasing investment in the business environment, financially supporting social business ideas and providing the necessary support for their development, as well as stimulating innovation and creating opportunities in the field of ICT;


  Cooperates with international organizations pursuing similar goals.


Moldcell Foundation invests and implements long-term projects in the Republic of Moldova, with impact on society for better changes.


Moldcell Foundation supports social, educational, business, innovation, research projects, for the benefit of citizens and for the development of the country.


It contributes to the improvement of life in Moldova through digital transformation, the use of technologies, financial assistance and know-how.