The launch of the #InternetWithoutWorries platform: the useful platform for children and parents

Moldcell Foundation has launched the educational interactive platform about online safety – The platform aims to inform about everything the digital world means. Through the #InternetWithoutWorries project, implemented by Moldcell in 2018 and taken over by the Moldcell Foundation, children learned how to surf safely in the virtual world. The Memorandum, signed with the Ministry of Education, facilitates children’s access to the digital world and defines the company’s Social Responsibility strategy.

#InternetWithoutWorries volunteers traveled all around the country with sessions on protecting children and teenagers from the risks of the virtual environment. A series of LIVEs with specialists from the field, useful for children, teachers and parents were organized at a later stage.

Irina Strajescu, Executive Director Moldcell Foundation: The project was launched in 2018, and thousands of children, teachers and parents learned about the risks of the online environment and how they can be prevented. We are happy that the project now enters a new stage that gathers and offers all the information, available to everyone. The platform is interactive, has useful content, with questions and answers, quizzes for children of different ages with the help of which they can test their knowledge and accumulate points.

Parents were thrilled about the new platform and are helping their children to explore the digital environment. The children have already tested it and managed to answer the questions brilliantly.

Moldcell signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, the Moldovan Competitiveness Project funded by USAID and the private sector. The InternetWithoutWorries project and the recently launched platform provides every child, teacher or parent with the necessary information in order to make Internet not only easy to use, but also safe.

**Moldcell company promotes the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By launching the platform, we promote the Objective nr.4 – Quality Education.