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The Board of Moldcell Foundation sets the tone for the strategic directions and ensures that each activity brings us closer to the change we want to bring to Moldova.

Nirvana Chaudhary
Chairman of Moldcell Foundation, Vice Chairman of Chaudhary Foundation and Managing Director of Chaudhary Group

Mr. Chaudhary has an extensive work record in Top Level Managing functions within CG Corp Global and outside of it in industries such as banking, food and beverage, finco, investment banking, home electronics, international business development and many others.
Mr. Chaudhary is the UN Global Compact High Level Steering Committee Member of the Action Platform, member of the High level Task Force on Nepal Government Response to Disaster & Disease Control. Previously, Mr. Chaudhary acted as the Honorary Consulate of Serbia to Nepal, Member of the Board of Trade in the Ministry of Commerce in Nepal, Honorary Consulate General of Maldives to Nepal and Personal Advisor to Ministry of Industries.
Mr. Chaudhary holds the degrees of the Singapore Management University, Entrepreneurial Master’s Program from London Business School; Entrepreneurial Master’s Program MIT, USA; MBA from Kathmandu University.

Carolina Bugaian
Member of Moldcell Foundation Board, CEO of Moldcell

Mrs. Bugaian has an extensive experience in the areas of telecom, financial management, corporate finance and governance, project management, audit and assurance in Moldova, Romania, Russia, Nepal and Eurasia. Mrs. Bugaian is a chartered accountant, certified internal auditor, certified Project Manager, holds a Ph.D. in economics from Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Global Business MBA from Oxford-Brookes University, has graduated FinTech course from Harvard University.
Mrs. Bugaian is an active Board member of Foreign Investors Association, member of Tax Committee American Chamber of Commerce, European Business Association and ATIC, as well as Council of Economic International Relations Faculty at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova.

Natalia Mihalache
Member of the Moldcell Foundation Board, Legal Director of Moldcell

Natalia Mihalache works at Moldcell since the beginning, being involved in the launch and monitoring of several major commercial and regulatory projects. N. Mihalache has experience in areas such as consumer protection, fraud prevention, business development, corporate governance and regulations. For the past 6 years, N. Mihalache works as Moldcell’s Legal Director, being an active member of several Investment Protection Associations, especially the Association of Foreign Investors, the American Chamber of Commerce and ATIC.

She graduated from the State University of Moldova, with a degree in law, holds a master degree in economic law.

Irina Strajescu
Executive Director of the Moldcell Foundation, Director of the People and Communication Department, Moldcell

I. Strajescu has been working in the telecommunications field for more than 21 years. Has versatile experience locally and internationally in areas such as project management, quality management, business development, regulation, marketing and communication, human resources. Irina Strajescu was the President of the Association of ICT Companies during 2016-2019 and is an active member of the ATIC Associations, EBA, Amcham. During her activity within the Moldcell company, I. Strajescu managed to successfully implement several social projects that contributed to the improvement of life in the Republic of Moldova. Holds an MBA from the University of Newport, USA, a bachelor’s degree in engineering and programming from the Technical University of Moldova, as well as clinical psychology degree from the Free University of Moldova.


Ala Galbur
Accountant-in-Chief Moldcell Foundation

Ala Galbur is a licensed accountant with more than 15 years of experience in the field and is responsible for accounting and tax records in various fields such as telecommunications, trade, services and financial reporting locally and internationally.

Tatiana Secrii
Project Coordinator Moldcell Foundation

With extensive experience working with both, private sector and public institutions, non-governmental organizations and state institutions, T. Secrii is responsible for media relations, manages the external and internal communication of Moldcell and Moldcell Foundation, as well as implements social responsibility projects.